Bicycle Day 2021 blotter design + "Suits" from Bicycle Day Deck of Playing Cards
Bicycle Day "suits" blotters
"Diamonds" blotter
"Clubs" blotter
"Spades" Blotter
"Hearts" Blotter

Bicycle Day 2021 blotters

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The 2021 Bicycle Day blotters are available in five different images, featuring the "suits" collection from our Bicycle Day deck of playing cards, as well as Tripp's Bicycle Day. The suits were a collaboration with rock n roll, psychedelic visionary artists Mark Serlo, Ryan Kerrigan, Rizzi, and Tripp. Each artist selected an LSD influencer to honor:
  • Mark Serlo - Ken Kesey, the Joker/Prankster
  • Ryan Kerrigan - Timothy Leary, the Jack
  • Rizzi - "Black Maria" the Spanish Lady, the Queen
  • Tripp - Owsley "Bear" Stanley, the King

The blotters are printed with soy based inks and measure 9x6.25 with 900 squares per page. These blotters are available in limited editions of 60 per suit and 100 per Bicycle Day print design. 

Use the drop down box to select your purchase. We are offering discounted bundles, as well as singles. 

Single blotter - $20 (choose from Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Bicycle Day 2021 print design)


Bundle - 5 blotter set (each "suit" + Bicycle Day 2021 print design) - $67

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